Contributor Directory

Chris Beacham is a senior Religious Studies major at the University of Alabama.

Anna Davis is a senior at the University. She is a double major in Geography and Religious Studies. She marched in the Million Dollar Band for four years and is an avid backpacker and outdoorswoman. Anna hopes to attend grad school for forest hydrology and has a heavy dependency on coffee.

Joey Clarke is a senior Religious Studies major at the University of Alabama.

Daniel Gilliland is a senior student of communication, history, and religious studies. He is originally from Birmingham and plans to return there for graduate school upon leaving UA. He’s a big supporter of sport, books, and food. “The words I say can and will be used against me, usually.”

Zach Jarrell is a junior Religious Studies major at Alabama.

Abbey Lewis is a senior graduating in December 2016 with a degree in Hospitality Management and Judaic Studies. Abbey is originally from Eufaula, Alabama. With her degree she hopes to find a job working for some type of Jewish Summer Camp or Event Planning Company. She spent most of her summers as a kid and young adult at the Henry S. Jacobs Camp in Utica, Mississippi, so her dream is to return there for a future. In her career, she hopes to be able to use all of her knowledge learned through this religious studies to better inform the world around here.

Liz Long is a senior double majoring in psychology and religious studies with minors in addiction studies and German. She hails from the great city of Boulder, Colorado, and hopes to make her way back out west soon. After graduation she will be taking a gap year, but hopes to attend grad school for social psychology to study either religion and morality or religion and mental health afterwards. If all else fails, she’d love to teach comprehensive sex ed to high schoolers. Also, if anyone out there is hiring, she’s interested.

Sierra Loya is a senior Religious Studies major. She will be attending Yale Divinity School in the fall.

Khortlan Patterson is a graduating senior at the University of Alabama pursuing Bachelor’s degrees in African American Studies and Religious Studies. Khortlan is involved in the Honors College Assembly, University Fellows Experience, and the SGA Black Student Leadership Council. In addition, Khortlan has worked for diversity around campus in various capacities, including lobbying for full integration of the university’s Panhellenic sororities. Upon graduation, Khortlan will pursue a Master’s in Divinity.

Although she may mumble her way through the second-half of the Lord’s Prayer, Maggie Patterson is captivated by spirituality in the South and is leaving UA with a degree in religious studies and creative writing. A lifelong lover of shushing, Maggie is pursuing careers in librarianship and undertaking post graduation.

Steven Ramey started as a History major at Furman University in South Carolina before becoming fascinated with India and the ways that identifications developed and the British and others began to understand various conflicts as drawing from religious differences between Hindus and Muslims. After completing his PhD at UNC Chapel Hill, he, eventually came to the University of Alabama where he has the pleasure of teaching inquisitive and bright students in the Department of Religious Studies, including this Capstone Senior Seminar.

William Stabler is a graduating senior majoring in Religious Studies and minoring in Biology. He enjoys sports and a good book, but more than anything just wants to travel the globe. What he wants to do with the remainder of his life is yet to be seen, but it will more than likely be outside of the United States.

Catie Stewart is from Madison, Mississippi, and she is currently working on a double major in Religious Studies and English at the University of Alabama as well as a minor in Latin, because that seemed relevant somehow. She is interested in the way that religion is interpreted within literary texts–specifically perceptions of Southern culture in fictional works. She spends her free time creating frankly bizarre pieces of writing and over-analyzing everything that becomes popular in social media, wondering if Beyonce will ever stop being so relevant.

Pat Strickland is a senior at UA majoring in Religious Studies with a minor in Asian Studies. After graduation, she hopes to continue her education in graduate school. She is a proud aunt of two nephews, two nieces, godparent to Ashley and mother to one adorable Little Dog!

Thomas (Frazier) Taylor is a Senior student in Religious Studies and Addiction Counseling from Oxford, Alabama. He plan to go on staff with Young Life in Tuscaloosa after graduation in May.

Emily Vork is a Religious Studies major who is also completing a M.A. in American Studies as a University Scholar.

Jocelyn Williams is a senior at the University of Alabama majoring in Religious Studies and minoring in the Blount Undergraduate Initiative. She works at and attends First Wesleyan Church. When not on campus or at work, she can be found snuggling her cats at home or enjoying the great outdoors. After graduating in December 2016 she plans on pursuing a field in Christian ministry.