Yik Yak Identities


Unrestricted. Uncensored. A place of freedom to express and communicate your innermost thoughts. Sounds pretty good, right? This seems to be the biggest draw for the app Yik Yak. Launched in 2013, Yik Yak has risen to be one of the most popular apps for young adults. With 1.8 million users, over 95% of them are college aged. This app claims to be an “anonymous messaging application”, where in 200 characters “college students [can] connect with their community”.

“Othering” within the “Othered”

“…’selfish’, ‘greedy’, ‘cheaters’…
– they are told that they don’t exist” 

In a time where sexual fluidity is becoming more accepted by society, new awareness is being raised for persisting issues within the larger movement. While the LGBTQI+ community is gaining traction in terms of civil right and awareness, as a “cohesive” entity, bisexuals are voicing their discontent about the exclusion they feel. With a lack of recognition, people who identify as bisexual are left to feel isolated by both the heterosexual and homosexual communities- left in a no man’s land of sexual orientation.