Classification in the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Video created by Joey Clarke, William Stabler, and Frazier Taylor. Sources are provided in the Youtube link. Music: Your Hand in Mine – Explosions in the Sky

We chose to create a video for our class project for several reasons. One, a video uploaded to YouTube is easy to share. The link is very easy to copy to social media accounts and websites. Second, videos tend to go viral quicker and easier than other forms of media. It is effortless to click a link, watch a video and hit the share button. Lastly, we wanted to use a video so that we could incorporate powerful visual aid to accompany what we are saying.

We hope that this video reaches people that do not normally consider and analyze the ways in which certain classifications are used to shape our society, specifically within political rhetoric. The content of the video is meant to engage the viewer and encourage them to truly deconstruct the words their leaders are using everyday. We also wanted the video to capture how large of an international issue the Syrian refugee crisis is. The situation has been our minds for a while now, however, the video aims to analyze how our understanding of the situation has slowly taken place. We must always stay aware of how we are instructed, by political rhetoric, to classify the world.