#490Perspective Analysis

So, how does this relate to the field of Religious Studies? Is the project complete?   This is the THIRD post in the #490perspective blog series. Please check out the following posts, as well! http://capstonerel.as.ua.edu/projects/490perspective/  http://capstonerel.as.ua.edu/abbeylewis/490perspective-results/             Inspired by our…

Beauty is Pain

miss crimson

“Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart.” -Kahlil Gibran

Saturday I competed in the Miss Crimson Beauty Review, which to me is just a fancy way to say pageant. This was my first time ever participating in pageant and to be honest probably my last. I did not hate it, but I did not love it either. But as I got closer to the date of the pageant, I began to question the name “beauty review”.  What does it actually mean to have your beauty reviewed? Is it the beauty within your heart or is the beauty that we see when face to face? And how does one judge such a broad topic? Doesn’t everybody’s opinion of beauty differ. What is inner beauty contribute to a competition like this? Is the competition really based off what we look like on the outside thanks to cosmetic products or is it really about the beauty on the inside? 

Mound Rushmore

Have you ever wondered how mountains are made? Sure everyone has probably thought about how tectonic plates pushed together to form mountain ranges, but what’s the difference between a hill and a mountain? One is taller, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. Is Mount Rushmore a “real” mountain, or is it just a mound? Perhaps our classification system is flawed.

A Tired Old Joke

In TV, the same jokes have a habit of popping up over and over again in different shows. Someone falls in love with their work partner. Someone has two dates to the same event. Everyone’s family is dysfunctional. They’re tiring, boring plots that we’ve seen several times before on several different shows.

New Girl recently employed what I find to be the most frustrating and un-funny recurring joke: white guy picks up the wrong non-white woman.