blog 1If we gave you one item and asked you to take a picture and create a caption, how would you do it?

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            This is the exact question we asked participants in our project in order to highlight one major theme: the variability of perspective. We decided to mostly showcase people on the University of Alabama campus. As students we thought it would be interesting to gather results from our own demographic, but it was necessary to experiment with other individuals as well. In order to gather a vast amount of results we knew that we had to utilize a platform that most participants were familiar with and understood.

Therefore, we chose Instagram as our main platform. For the project we made a very simple concept that would eventually result in a much bigger picture. We used a Religious Studies/Arts & Sciences coffee mug (pictured above) as our simple object. When we approached people we asked them to take a picture of the mug and caption it. This was the only instruction the participants received. We got the feeling that this confused most participants. Many individuals inquired something to the effect of “Well, how should I take it?” or “Do I need to say something specific?” which were common responses that we anticipated. Ultimately, we wanted individuals to be able to use their own imagination to illustrate their unique perception of this certain object.

We had many participants who were markedly interested in learning the impetus and aim of the project. We gathered much input from our participants and captured many eclectic photographs and captions. You are able to look at the pictures on Instagram if you follow or search us our username: @uaperspective490. We hope to continue this project in the future in order to gather more data and have an excuse to carry around a little trinket reminding of us of our wonderful department.


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