The American Dream

the american dream

In the United States people are often categorized by what is known as Social Class. Social Class is often thought as a large group of people, with similar economic, cultural and political status.  The classes range from Upper High Class to Very Low Class.  There is mobility within this system.  You can be born rich and end up destitute, and visa- versa.  Some believe that within this system there is boundless opportunity.  The boundless opportunities within these classes are often associated with the American Dream.

But, is this dream just a dream?  Are the same opportunities available to everyone?  Can a person born into a low income family really compete with someone born into a high income family?

The Religion of Wall Street


Is economics really all that different from our current view of religion? Think about the rhetoric we use when discussing economics and religion.

“Capitalism is the saving grace to the world.” “All salvation comes through the Catholic Church.”

“The USSR was a corrupt form of communism and shouldn’t be how we judge it.” “ISIS is Islam gone wrong and we can’t consider them truly Muslim.”

“How about distributism?!” “Oh yeah, we forgot Jediism was a thing.”

The conflicts in economy are just as pronounced as in the religious world. People are willing to stand and die by their preferred system.

Shrine or Video Game Ad?

china shrine error

When an elderly woman was videoed by a security camera bowing and making offerings before a statue, viewers interpreted the actions in different ways. Suggesting that the statue was not a shrine to Guan Yu (a general who became recognized as the God of War for many in China) but a figure from a video game, some have laughed at the elderly woman’s mistake, while others have expressed sympathy or wondered if the divine would respond to a prayer presented sincerely before the “wrong” statue.